Hello beautiful Troll Dolls! Welcome to The Haus Of Trolls. This is a female owned sex shop founded by myself Queen Troll 👑. I'm a scandelous woman who devoutly belives sex should be fun. All of my designs are built for play and to satisfy your adventourous curiosity. Everyones version of sexual liberation is unique, so I make versitile prodcts to serve YOU and your authentic diviance. I understand that owning your sexuality takes courage, thats why I've manifested a brand and comunity that empowers. The Haus Of Trolls is a safe space to explore without fear of judgment.

Lets talk products. THOT is renoun for latex role play outfits and leather bondage harnesses:

I love tainting pop culture charaters. Transforming disney princesses into fierce dominatrix is my kink. Blending sickly sweet innocence with korpral authority composes all the facets of my soul into harmony. And I just love seeing my designs adapt to you stunning Troll Dolls and your own wonderous visions. 

Bondage taught me to how to lead and how to trust. This lived experiance has informed my Minerva harness design. She's an ever evolving collection of bespoke leather straps and tools. Perfect for curating your own unique bondage kit. This collection invokes the Godess Minerva, Roman diety of wisdom and war: Know your shit, Take no shit. The ultimate divine energy for a badass bondage harness

The brand story starts a tactile love of unconventional materials, an obsession with performance costume and a deep fasination with human sexuality. As a designer I always aspire to challenge my abilities. Over the years I've taken to mastering some of fashions most hostile materials: Latex, Leather and PVC. Through graduating with a degree in historical and theatre costume I studied the acute glamour magic of costuming. Each THOT design is a hand crafted spell to aid in your sumptuous transformation


Queen Troll