Its not how hard you hit,

 its the intention you put behind it 

Exploring impact play can be a lot of fun. It can vary from a cheeky slap on the arse all the way to being bound gagged and whipped on a cross. Its important you learn your limits and understand how to keep it a safe and fun experience. So heres some tips on indulging in impact play


Engaging in impact play with someone you trust is 100% the most important aspect. It doesn't have to be the love of your life but you do need to trust each other. And this trust goes for both sub and dom. As a sub you need to be able to put your trust the dom to not take things too far to an uncomfortable level and keep to your boudries. This is rule for any aspect of kink. As a dom you need to trust your sub to communicate with you so you can prevent the session getting too uncomfortable. Obviosly the whole point of impact play to not be comfortable, but you need to keep within your limits 

Know Your Limits 

It can be fun to test boundries. But you need to be careful as not to oblitorate them. Remember the whole point of kink is liberation not to inflict more trauma

Clear communication is key to uncovering your limits. For beginers I would suggest using the traffic light system as an easy meathod of checking in. Its super simple:

Green - Harder

Amber -  Just right

Red - Too hard 

You could always develop your own scale to fit the session or experiment with safe words. 

As a dom its important you know your own skill and capability with your equiptment. Know which whip or paddle is the most brutal and build to it . If you're using a whip you should take some time to perfect your aim so not to hit more sensative areas and end the session sooner than needed. Reading non verbal ques and taking breaks for a little aftercare is an essential move for an enjoyable experiance 

Where To Hit 

As a rule I would avoid any areas easily exposed, but this is personal preferance and you need to make your own boundies explicitly clear.

The areas that can take the most punishment are the back, the buttocks and to an extent the front of the thighs. If you're chosing to work on the thighs you need to be super accurate with the strike as the inner thigh and goin are highly sensative. Of course taking this risk might be part of the fun

More sensitive areas inclue the back and inner thighs. You may want to experiment with dull impact tools or single striking in theses areas 

Highly sensitive areas are the intimate ones like the chest and goin, and I wouldn't reccomend them for straight forward impact play. I would avoid striking the chest directly but you could always test the waters with nipple clamps if this is an area you want to explore. Heat play with hot wax is also an option if you're craving a sensation across the chest - But remember to only use soy wax candles! When it comes to the groin less is more. If some C&B torture is calling to you I would recomend in investing in toys like chasity cages.

Areas to avoid in impact play are the sides, stomach, head and neck. This is a little common sense and courtasy. Anywhere theres a major organ or a joint you don't want to be hitting at any force. To keep things playful and safe stay clear of any part of the anatomy you could cause damage.

Know Your Toys 

Its super easy to tell how much impact a toy is going to have. The broader the toy the duller the pain. My leather covered spanking paddels are an ideal place to start, its basically a step up from the palm of a hand. Tail whips are a grade above the paddle as the strike spreads its impact through several narrow points. However I find it harder to control the accuracy of this type of whip. The riding crop is the brute of impact toys. Deadly accurate and sharp as all the power behind the strike is consetrated to a singular point.

Be sure to comment and leave your own tips or fave tools

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